Red Book image by C. G. Jung - copyright the Philemon Foundation

Red Book image by C. G. Jung - copyright the Philemon Foundation

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Are you an exceptional therapist with a passion for helping clients connect with their inner voice? Are you interested in working with clients from all over the world?  Do you want to join the top-rated sites for Jungian-oriented therapists?  Would you like to become a part of a community of like-minded therapists?  Would you like to learn and teach online?  We are excited to hear from you!  Please apply below.  Thank you! New Therapist Application Form

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 *If you use a non-gmail email account, we highly recommend that in addition to completing this form, you email us at as spam filters often block messages from new senders.

While we welcome new applications, we are also very selective about our team members and do not accept all applicants.  For a variety of reasons, include geographic and specialization conflicts, we may choose to not accept a particular applicant at this time.