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Jungian IMPROV is a free live online discussion series featuring Jungian analysts, psychotherapists, authors, scholars, filmmakers and students. This dynamic, spontaneous dialogue is for the general public and applies insight from Jungian psychology to the search for meaning in our lives.

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Jungian IMPROV - On Active Imagination

Jan. 17, 2019


André de Koning

André de Koning

André de Koning, Jungian Analyst IAAP

André de Koning completed his training as a Jungian psychoanalyst in Brussels in 1983 and became a training analyst and member of the Training Committee of the Belgian Society for Analytical Psychology in January 1991. Since moving from The Netherlands to Perth (Australia) in 1994 André has been involved in the further development of training with the Australian and New Zealand Society for Jungian Analysts and its C G Jung Institute (ANZSJA-CGJI). He was Convener of Training from 1994-2003. André was a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP, www.IAAP.org) from 1998-2004, and he was President of ANZSJA (www.anzsja.com). Since 2012 he has been a member of the Dutch Association for Analytical Psychology (www.NAAP.nl) and was a Member of the Board for several years. He practices in Australia in Fremantle: www.cfpc.com.au and online. During the last few years he has been divided his time between Australia and Europe and has increasingly been doing sessions online with people from all over the world.


Becca Tarnas, Ph. D. -  by In Her Image Photography.

Becca Tarnas, Ph. D. - by In Her Image Photography.

Becca Tarnas, Ph. D.

Becca S. Tarnas, PhD, is a scholar, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien. Becca received her BA from Mount Holyoke College in Environmental Studies and Theatre Arts, and MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at CIIS. Her research interests include depth psychology, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. She is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Dr. KD Farris

Dr. KD Farris

KD Farris, Ph. D.

KD is a consummate guide into the world of the unconscious, giving ground and form to what can otherwise seem frightening and unknowable. She makes seemingly complex principles of life accessible and poignant for both men and woman alike. Her clients often remark on her tremendous ability to be present with them and to help them to feel seen and understood. She has honed her ability to bring clients to a place of depth and safety while working in person, via phone or via Skype™.

KD specializes in process-oriented consciousness work—a means by which to enter safely and deeply into the inner landscape of the psyche for positive and real-world change. She is an author, speaker and workshop leader. Her roots as a therapist, healer and bodyworker have seeded over the last thirty years, bringing substance and depth to her one-on-one work with clients. She has a Ph.D. in Jungian-oriented psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute of Santa Barbara, CA. Her dissertation work is entitled, The Topography of Liminal Space. In addition to phone and Skype sessions, she has offices in both Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills.

She is the author of MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT: What My Grandmother Taught Me About the Universe. Her companion workshop series is For Anyone Who's Ever Lost Themselves. She also teaches a series on Liminality entitled, The Art of Transformation. Her website is: www.kdfarris.com


Gary S. Bobroff

Gary S. Bobroff

Hosted by author Gary S. Bobroff

Gary is the founder of Jungian Online (2011) and the author of Jung, Crop Circles and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine (2014, North Atlantic). He has a Master's degree in Jungian-oriented psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute of Santa Barbara, CA., an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and has been working with Personality Type and Archetype since 1994. Gary is the developer of a Jungian approach to our deepest personality core: our Archetypal Nature. He is a writer, workshop leader and teacher of Jungian Studies.

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