Fall Reading Group 2019
Carl Gustav Jung’s

Answer to Job

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“The myth of the necessary incarnation of God . . . can be understood as humanity’s creative confrontation with the opposites and their synthesis in the self, the wholeness of his personality. . . . That is the goal . . . which fits humanity meaningfully into the scheme of creation and at the same time confers meaning upon it.”
– C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

“The new myth postulates that the created universe makes up a vast enterprise for the creation of consciousness; that each individual is a unique experiment in that process; and that the sum total of consciousness created by each individual in his lifetime is deposited as a permanent addition in the collective treasury of the archetypal psyche.”
– E. Edinger

In our coming to consciousness we are “laying an infinitesimal grain in the scales of humanity's soul. Small and invisible as this contribution may be, it is yet an opus magnum.” – C. G. Jung


Exploring C. G. Jung’s
Answer to Job


Edward Edingers’
The Creation of Consciousness

6 weeks beginning October 10th (no class Oct. 31st)
Thursdays 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern • Live using Zoom

Course Outline:

The chapters of both books are short but deep.
We’ll look at one chapter in both books each week from weeks 2-5.

Week 1 • Introduction and Welcome

Week 2 • The New Myth (Pref. Note + CW 11, par. 553-608)

Week 3 • The Meaning of Consciousness (CW 11, par. 609-661 )

Week 4 • Depth Psychology as the New Dispensation (CW 11, par. 662-712)

Week 5 • The Transformation of God (CW 11, par. 713-758)

Week 6 • Finale and Wrap-Up Discussion

Weekly Discussion Videos:

Week One - Thursday Oct. 10, 2019