Welcome to the course development page
for the forthcoming JUNG Archademy:

As inspired by my conversations with Serge, David and Andre and following our recent Jungian Online meeting, I have decided to go ahead with launching a new Jungian teaching site oriented toward video courses for everyday folks. I’ve decided to call it the ‘JUNG Archademy.’ For all of those people who are looking to Jungian work for healing and meaning right now, perhaps we can offer them something better than what they could get anywhere else. And many of you want courses that you can recommend to your own clients, so let’s do it! This feels really right to me and I'm excited to have gotten such great feedback from you all and other friends and I'm looking forward to bring this to life!

VISION: Clearly communicated, well-presented, accessible personal growth video courses on hands-on application of Jungian psychology.

What will JUNG Archademy provide? We will offer pre-recorded and live video classes of any length that people buy online and watch when they want.

How will we make the courses? We’ll make them individually or together using Zoom and Keynote. I’ll show you how.

Let’s Be Creative! Completing a great video course is hard (I know I’ve done many of them) and you need inspiration to keep them going! Being open to new, energizing formats helps ensure we have the drive to get all the way through to the end.

Work Together! I'm also going to encourage some of you to consider partnering for your offering as two presenters brings more dynamism to a course. We will put together some very fun teaching partnerships!

So - what would YOU like to teach? Do you have a particular subject area you'd like to teach? Let me know. I'm open to receiving your courses ideas now.

Organic Profit Sharing! Each course and its marketing is a profit sharing enterprise between the teacher(s) and the platform.

Invite Our Friends! Who would you like to bring into the conversation? Luckily we know a lot of great Jungian thinkers – many of them would be happy to talk to us about these topics, let’s dialogue with them as a part of the course!

Putting together great online courses is a lot of work but I've been through it and can show you how it's done. There's going to be a high standard of quality both technically and content-wise required and not all proposals will be accepted, but I'm excited to help you to share your passion with the world! So let me know what you're inspired to offer and we'll go from there!

This document will evolve as we interact, so please check back for changes . . .

Want to do a mix of pre-recorded and live session? Yes we can do that - I can help you set that up.

Code to unlock course development video: Jung2019

Webinars? I prefer to primarily offer fixed courses done well and geared toward an individual viewer but we could certainly offer webinars as well (I’ve been doing them myself since 2013). A webinar can be a good building block toward producing a great online fixed course.

Audio Courses? Some people do prefer to learn via audio course primarily, it’s possible that we might be able to find a market for these kind of courses too.

The Firm No’s for now: Sorry but at this time, I'm not interested in academic courses, CE's or in courses that offered for therapists only.

Watch me do it: To see what it looks like, here’s my Archetypal Nature video course (beta version), click here: http://www.archetypalnature.com/foundations The code to unlock the Mother-Father section videos is Toni2018

Questions? Email me or bring them to our next teachers meeting. I’ll post the most common questions here after the meeting and as we go forward.

Courses in development: So that we can get excited about what each of us are working on . . .

Andre De Koning, IAAP - Dream Analysis

David Pressault, IAAP - Inviting the Muse: Inspiration and Creativity

David Pressault, IAAP - C. G. Jung’s concept of Eros

David Pressault, IAAP - Working with the Artist and Expressive Arts

David Pressault, IAAP & Judy Balan - A Jungian Approach to the Natal Chart

Elisabeth Pomés, IAAP - C. G. Jung’s concept of Eros

Michael Daine, Ph. D. -

Becca Tarnas, Ph. D. - Jung's Red Book and Active Imagination

Alexis Durgee, M.A. - How do I do Shadow Work?

Cynthia Cavalli, Ph. D. - Jung and Complexity

Gary Bobroff, M.A. - Our Archetypal Nature

Gary Bobroff, M.A. & Cynthia Cavalli, Ph. D. - Synchronicity & the Archetypal Feminine


THANK YOU for being the pioneering faculty of JUNG Archademy!