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JungianOnline.com offers clients in communities around the world access to Jungian-oriented therapists at a variety of price levels.   Working together in the depth psychological tradition via telephone or Skype™ with graduates of accredited graduate programs in psychology is now possible for everyone.

The Depth Psychological Approach to Healing

Depth psychology is defined by its inclusion of the whole person: conscious and unconscious, body and imagination, feeling and thinking, waking and dream life, clarity and fantasy, culture and Nature, person and World.

The depth psychological approach supports the development of the whole person and stretches us to include ways of knowing that are outside of our comfort zone.  More than anything else, it requires a commitment to honesty and authenticity in process.  Spurred on by this honesty, we come to better honor our gifts and our faults.  We learn to sing our own praises more confidently and to have a keener eye for our shadow.  Depth psychological self-understanding helps us to better host our own abundances, identify that in us which is new and emergent, and observe and transform our capacity for compulsive or unconscious behavior.

The Other, too, is seen more clearly through such an approach; for in identifying and releasing our projective responses to the world, through letting go of “seeing what we want to see,” we come to know more truly who the Other is.  Greater insight and love are the outcomes of such work.  Identifying archetypal patterns living through us, and personality type differences amongst us, promote not only better self-understanding but also greater understanding of, and patience for, others.

The reward of this approach is both inner and outer.  It helps us live out our drives and achieve success, and to have more compassion for those around us and for the other voices inside of us.  But, most of all, its reward is that of the soul because depth psychology fundamentally supports the search for a connection to center.  Through inner attentiveness, we come to know better the deeper world living through us and recover for ourselves a sense of awe and love for the endless mystery of life.

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All of our therapists are graduates of WASC-accredited graduate programs in Jungian, Jungian-oriented or Depth Psychology.  The depth psychological approach is personal-process oriented and is always a unique and original journey.  It is based upon genuine self-reflection and authentic exchange.  Areas of specialization within practice include: dreamwork and dreamtending; active imagination; personality type and archetypal identity work; addiction; breaking free of toxic relationships; sexuality; spirituality, spiritual and philosophical issues; synchronicity; the archetypal Feminine and Masculine; and grief work. Some of our therapists work exclusively one-on-one while others specialize in couples work.  All are available to work via telephone and Skype™.  Please inquire with us if you are seeking a depth psychological specialization not mentioned here.  (We do not offer family counseling at this time).  No familiarity with Jung is required to begin working with us.  

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No Experience Necessary

People have been asking us whether you need to be familiar with Jung in order to work with one of our therapists.  You do not.  Its not necessary to have read Jung or books by other Jungians.  The reason it is unnecessary is because Jungian psychology is a natural psychology–Jung observed the psyche and based his approach on what he found there.  In other words, you already “know” Jungian psychology, you just don’t know you know it yet... The insights you gain from this work feel natural and come from something clicking inside of you, not from something the therapist imparts to you. Your life experience is what you will need to draw upon, and your authenticity of participation in the process is what will deepen your understanding and transform your psyche.  Again no experience necessary.  You already have all the experience you need.

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February 16, 2013

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Who was C. G. Jung?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)

Born in 1875 in Basel, Switerzland, C. G. Jung was a medical doctor and psychiatrist who became a colleague, close confidant and heir apparent to Sigmund Freud.  Along with Freud, he opened up research into the unconscious and his work led to the popularization of interest in dreams and archetypes.  His correspondence with Bill W. contributed directly to the inclusion of the spiritual principle in A.A. and other 12-step programs.  He gave us the psychological type categories that led to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and coined the terms introvert and extravert.  He also coined the terms synchronicity (and his writing on that topic is the main reason for its continued popularity in our culture today) and collective unconscious – giving us a term for the deeper layer of the psyche that transcends the personal.

He or she "who comes to us has a story that is not told, and which as a rule no one knows of.  To my mind, therapy only really begins after the investigation of the wholly personal story.  It is the patient’s secret, the rock against which he is shattered.  If I know his secret story, I have a key to the treatment.  The doctor’s task is to find out how to gain that knowledge.  In most cases exploration of the conscious material is insufficient....The interpretation of dreams [can open the way] or long and patient human contact with the individual.  In therapy the problem is always the whole person, never the symptom alone.  We must ask questions which challenge the whole personality."                                   ~ C. G. Jung

Introduction to Jungian Interpretation

Scope of Practice

In both the process of intake and in on-going therapy, each of our therapists remain alert to limitations of therapy via distance.  Certain kinds of therapeutic work are not ideal for phone or online sessions and some clients may be referred to local, in-person therapists.  We endeavor to ensure the safety of our clients throughout the healing process.

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