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Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in 1949.

Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in 1949.

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He or she "who comes to us has a story that is not told, and which as a rule no one knows of. To my mind, therapy only really begins after the investigation of the wholly personal story. It is the patient’s secret, the rock against which he is shattered . . . In therapy the problem is always the whole person, never the symptom alone. We must ask questions which challenge the whole personality." – C. G. Jung

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Follow your calling for a richer connection to your inner life with a world-class expert in the psychological tradition of C. G. Jung.  Work conveniently via live video. Whether you want to explore a single issue or go in-depth, we will find the ideal professional for  you. Our team includes Jungian analysts, psychologists, certified counsellors, coaches and consultants and more.

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