Red Book image by C. G. Jung - copyright the Philemon Foundation

Red Book image by C. G. Jung - copyright the Philemon Foundation

No Experience Necessary

People have been asking us whether you need to be familiar with Jung in order to work with one of our therapists.  You do not.  Its not necessary to have read Jung or books by other Jungians.  The reason it is unnecessary is because Jungian psychology is a natural psychology–Jung observed the psyche and based his approach on what he found there.  The insights you gain from this work feel natural and come from something clicking inside of you. Your life experience is what you will need to draw upon and your authenticity of participation in the process is what will deepen your understanding and transform your psyche.  

Our Therapists

All of our therapists are graduates of Jungian Institutes or WASC accredited graduate programs (in the U.S.) Jungian, Depth or Counselling Psychology (or have other similar internationally qualified degrees). 

Work your way . . .

Work via distance by phone/audio or video, as you prefer.   We'll work with the information you provide to find the professional best suited to you (and if our referral isn't a fit for you, we're happy to find another suitable candidate).


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Our goal is to match you with a therapist best-suited to your interests and needs and this information helps us to do that.  After completing this form, you can expect to hear back from us within 2-3 business days at the latest (completing your referral may take longer). We refer clients only for online / phone therapy - we do not make local in-person referrrals (* with some exceptions).  You can also contact us directly and we will work through this process with you on the phone or via email. CONFIDENTIALITY:  All information provided is confidential. 

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